Workshops in English

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The power of prayer

Do you want to learn the proper way to pray? Are you new to praying and would like some direction? Are you an expert in prayer and would like to see how you can use that power?

  • How a village was saved
  • How Love saved Christmas
  • Give thanks for an answered prayer
  • How my prayer for strength was answered
  • Bless the divine in everything
  • Live in constant prayer

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Live life with courage

My secrets to face life and anything that it throws at you.

  • Positive mental attitude
  • How to protect yourself
  • Inner strength
  • Accept help
  • Learn and grow
  • Look for the good in every situation
  • Refocus on what success means to you
  • Count your Blessings; It could always be worse

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The Cosmic Plan

The story of our creation according to the extraterrestrials. The Mayan prophecy and the Earth's quarantine.

Healing with Universal Energy

Learn how to diagnose. Heal yourself and help others heal themselves with Universal Energy.

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Personal Consultation

I am offering one on one coaching to sincere students that are interested in a personalized session.

Keynote Speaker

Hire me to give a motivational speech or workshop for your company, school, church, etc.

Talleres en Español

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El poder de la oración

Quieres aprender la manera correcta de rezar? Rezar es aun nuevo para ti y quieres un poco de dirección? Eres experto en oración y te gustaría saber cómo puedes usar ese poder?

  • Como se salvó una aldea
  • Como el amor salvó la navidad
  • Da gracias por una oración concedida
  • Como mi plegaria pidiendo fuerza fue contestada
  • Bendice lo divino en todo
  • Vive en constante oración

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Vive la vida con valor

Mi secreto para enfrentar a la vida y a todo lo que enfrentes:

  • Actitud mental positiva
  • Como protegerte a ti mismo
  • Fuerza interna
  • Acepta ayuda
  • Aprende y crece
  • Ve lo bueno en cada situación
  • Enfócate en lo que el éxito significa para ti
  • Valora tus bendiciones; siempre podría ser peor

wormhole, galaxy, space

El Plan Cósmico

La historia de nuestra creación según los extraterrestres. La profecía Maya y la cuarentena de la Tierra.

Sanacion con Energía Universal

Aprende a diagnosticar. Sanate a ti mismo y ayuda a otros a que se sanen a si mismos con Energia Universal.

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Consulta Personal

Brindo consultas personalizadas a estudiantes sinceros interesados en una sesión personal.

Conferencia Motivacional

Contrátame para dar una conferencia motivacional o un taller para tu compañía, escuela, iglesia, etc.


No, the information that I share is designed to help anyone disregarding their level of experience or expertise. If this is all new to you, you cane to the right place! Take advantage of the opportunity of years of knowledge and experience explained in simple terms that are not only easy to understand but very effective and you can start using today!

Yes, as a Reiki Master myself, I have created this material also for the advanced practitioners to help sharpen and further develop your individual skills.

That’s a great question! You should follow your heart and start with the one that interests you the most. I am constantly creating new courses and have a lot of free resources in my Roku channel Five Little Stones, as well as in my social media and will be adding more here.

Absolutely! I am part of a contact group and have had many experiences and sightings. Furthermore, goverments have known their existence and presence for a long time and they have acknowledged this and are even creating special departments to investigate this such as the “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force” which is a program within the United States Office of Naval Intelligence used to “standardize collection and reporting” on sightings of unexplained aerial vehicles. 

I can share what I know about these topics and it will be up to you to find your true purpose in life and the answer to these questions. We are marvelous beings of light that were created out of love and are here to learn love and forgiveness.